Southern Café

Indianama is an inclusive platform that curates and showcases the work of multi-disciplinary artists, to express India through divergent and unifying ideas that make the country. Indianama 2018 was about the street vendors of India. It is a hip almanac of evocative ideas that features system identities conceived at and for the urban spaces. The works of 71 graphic designers are cross-fertilised with vibrant street-side shops. Each designer was paired with a shop/business owner to conceptualise, design and initiate an identity system for them. This identity system was then implemented on-site, with due supervision by the designer, if and when required. A packaged version of the project was unveiled at the prestigious Bikaner House between 9th and 25th August 2018.

My work (as part of Indianama 2018) was for Southern Cafe, a small eatery in Mehrauli, New Delhi.

By combining the street-style bold typography (well known around Tamil Nadu) with the vibrant colours distinctive of Chinese culture, Southern Cafe now embodies a unique blend of the two worlds. The illustrative style abstracts widely-known Chinese and South-Indian motifs. The hope for this new visual identity is to embrace its dichotomy, be bold and unapologetically quirky— just like its cuisine.


Art Direction and Design: Sneha Sankar
Curation: Indianama


Brand Design



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