Chamomile Tea with Toppers

Chamomile Tea with Toppers set out to celebrate exam-toppers and their unique journeys to the top. The channel presents intriguing discussions with the toppers of various examinations in India. Conversations include everything from their preparation journey to less-discussed personal struggles and triumphs.

For the visual identity, I juxtaposed a teacup with a speech bubble symbolising the conversational aspect of the talk show - Chamomile Tea with Toppers. Essentially, a conversation over a cup of refreshing tea.

The colour palette, inspired by the chamomile flower, displays a mix of refreshing, positive, knowledgeable and encouraging content. The choice of typography was made to bring in a more mature and intellectual aspect to the identity,
 to best convey the nature of content and tonality of this new talk show.


Art Direction and Design: Sneha Sankar


Brand Design
Art Direction





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