Lolocal is a campaign that celebrates the vendors who satisfy not just cravings but also the hunger of many, without emptying out their pockets. Every plate of food comes with a service, experience and flavour that is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. This campaign aims to promote street vending, especially in developing and vibrant cities like New Delhi, by bringing them to the level that people consider them a viable option in comparison to establishments & brands.

I worked on conceptualising and creating Lolocal along with my mentors at Struckby. My role began at the ideation and conceptualising stage all the way up until the branding and design. Lolocal was a culmination of weeks of brainstorming and introspecting on our behaviour and usage patterns as urban dwellers of 21st century India.


Concept, Design and Art Direction: Sneha Sankar, Sanchit Sawaria and Prateek Upreti
Mentors: Sanchit Sawaria and Prateek Upreti
Logo Animation: Sanchit Sawaria
Web Design: Ritu Kumari


Brand Design
Brand Communication


Struckby (Self-initiated)



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