This is Not Street Art

‘This Is Not Street Art’ served as my graduation project during my time at NID, Ahmedabad. For this, I worked with the St+art India Foundation in New Delhi, who have been intensively working in the street art space and were ready to share their experience and learnings about street art and Indian visual culture through the medium of a book.

The book provides an insight into contemporary visual culture in public spaces in India and provides multiple perspectives that emanate from public art interventions. The reader is given a peek into the various facets of street art through the learnings of St+art’s festivals and projects. We delve into various dialogue on the interactions between art, its audience and the space it occupies.

With an intriguing collection of visuals from projects across the country, the book addresses a myriad of questions— What experiences does one encounter while working with diverse groups, from urban Indian communities to government agencies? What goes into creating public art districts and open-for-all exhibitions in India’s forgotten spaces? Can art truly be democratic?


Design: Sneha Sankar
Photography: St+art India Foundation
Mentor: Hanif Qureshi
Academic Guide: Tarundeep Girdher


Publication Design


St+art India Foundation (Self-initiated)



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