Unacademy - the Brand and Brand Book

Before the launch of Unacademy’s first brand book in October 2018, there was an abstract sense of the brand, its look and feel; but it lacked consistency and documentation. The advent of the brand book established these guidelines to ensure consistency, clarity and effectiveness in the way the Unacademy brand is communicated. The aim was to create a unified brand identity that generated a high top-of-mind recall among users.

Working closely with the Head of Marketing, we interviewed key stakeholders, studied the brand story and past iterations of the brand to finally write and design the brand book. As the custodian of the visual aspects of the brand, I worked on all the sections covering visual guidelines such as the brand identity, illustration and iconography, typography and so on. I also designed the physical design of the book that was circulated across the company and shared with investors and the Unacademy board.

Once the Unacademy brand book was in place, several new sub-brands and properties were launched. I was in-charge of creating the identities for these brands and others alike.


Content: Shweta Sivasankaran and Sneha Sankar
Design: Sneha Sankar


Brand Design
Publication Design





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