Unacademy - Illustrations

As part of my first role at Unacademy, I worked on creating an illustration style and bank. Being a growing brand, consistency and recall across touchpoints was crucial. Having a distinct illustration style was one important way to achieve this.

Inspired by the visual identity, which is made out of simple semi-circles, the illustration style is also geometric. The illustrations are created with wholes, halves and quarters of basic shapes. This style— using geometric shapes while refraining from too much detail is consistent across characters, spot illustrations, empty state or full-fledged scene illustrations. Extended features such as outfits, hair styles, skin tone and facial hair were explored to ensure diversity and to direct their personalities.

Although the illustrations and style took shape via the product, it was quickly incorporated across marketing and brand touch points, including in print and across Unacademy’s first TV campaign! More on that, here!


Creative Direction: Sneha Sankar and Abhinav Chhikara
Illustrations: Sneha Sankar, Aravind Azhagappa, Niyati Rao and Aswin Madhulal


Brand Communication





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