SNEHA SANKAR is a brand designer and strategist with a focus on brand experience design—the sweet spot between brand, digital design and storytelling.


2021 REFIABOUT ReFi, or the regenerative finance movement brings together diverse ideas such as web3 technology and climate action to meaningfully address the climate crisis, restore ecosystems and cultivate social equity.
INDUSTRY Web3, DeFi, Climate change
ROLE Brand identity

TEAM Project done as part of WE3
Pierre LaBaume (Support)

PROJECT The ReFi Orb was designed to symbolise the mélange of diversity, regeneration and optimism in the ReFi space. Diversity of ideas, regeneration through the notion of creating more than we consume—maximising impact, while minimising risk, and optimism of people and how new types of human organisations can redesign money to address the most pressing challenges of our time. Inspired by behaviours in nature, the ReFi Orb seamlessly shapeshifts, creating organic forms that define the different sub-brands in its ecosystem.