SNEHA SANKAR is a brand designer and strategist with a focus on brand experience design—the sweet spot between brand, digital design and storytelling.


2024 AXISABOUT Axis’s mission is to reshape the crypto and DeFi industry by equipping protocols with the tools needed for sustainable treasury growth.

Axis is the first modular auction protocol designed as a seamless integration layer for developers to build new money legos, called modules, and maximise capital efficiency.

ROLE Naming, brand strategy and brand identity

TEAM Project done as part of WE3
Dario Loerke (Web design)
Martin Ergt (Motion design)
PROJECT Axis gets its name from the pivotal line that passes through the centre of an object, symbolising its crucial role in helping protocols manage their treasuries with flexibility and freedom. The creative concept revolves around the idea— For Every Dimension. This phrase encapsulates the wide array of treasury-related challenges that Axis helps protocols navigate, along with their expansion into new dimensions.

For the logo, the Dimension symbol uses the X, Y, and Z axes to form an ‘A’, while the symmetrical wordmark replaces the ‘A’ with an alpha symbol, connoting Axis’s expertise and pioneering spirit in DeFi. Embracing symmetry and balance, Axis utilises an expressive colour palette and geometric, modernist typography to further emphasise balance and precision across the identity.
FROM THE FOUNDER (TEX) “I would absolutely recommend WE3 to other teams. I have mentioned WE3’s work in a few founder chats and greatly support the agency overall. The only caveat is that the price is relatively high, but you get what you pay for, and WE3 is top-notch!

We are already starting to see the impact of the brand guidelines on our marketing strategy. The templates provided look much more professional and stand out relative to previous assets we used. The in-depth discussions and brand activities also helped identify themes we must put forward in our strategy.

Sneha was great to work with and understood the brand direction that we wanted to pursue. She did an excellent job guiding the brandstorming sessions and explained their purpose clearly. She was also very receptive to feedback. For example, we suggested some iterations on the wordmark and she came back with exactly what we were looking for! Overall, I thought Sneha did an amazing job with the Axis brand. Going into the engagement, I was worried about her portfolio’s range given that we are more DeFi-focused. But she exceeded my expectations and put any doubts I had to rest.