SNEHA SANKAR is a brand designer and strategist with a focus on brand experience design—the sweet spot between brand, digital design and storytelling.


2023 BOOSTABOUT Boost is a protocol for anyone to deploy incentive offers to targeted wallets to perform onchain actions. The goal is to foster growth and adoption within the Boost ecosystem, an incentive network for Ethereum. 

Boost Studios is a core contributor providing product and services support to the network. Its primary frontend client contribution is Boost Inbox (formerly RabbitHole) and the Boost Manager.

INDUSTRY Blockchain, Marketing
ROLE Brand identity

TEAM Project done as part of VectorDAO
Sania Saleh (Web design)
Jonathan Yan (Product and project management)
Tyler Miller (3D, motion, infographics and digital product design)
PROJECT The Boost brand was designed to reflect boost’s incentive network and its dynamic, enriching and regenerative influence on the ecosystem.

The Boost Plus is the ‘supercharged’ symbol, symbolising growth and the brand’s incentive network. Central to the brand identity is the icon system, inspired by the shapes in the Boost Plus. These icons also serve as the foundation for crafting dynamic patterns, enhancing the brand’s visual presence across digital interfaces, marketing material, and other mediums.
FROM THE FOUNDER (BRIAN FLYNN) “Vector was very timely with the rebrand and took feedback well to make it easier to iterate.

Sneha was communicative and easy to work with. She presented a variety of options which made it easy to go with specific brand directions.