SNEHA SANKAR is a brand designer and strategist with a focus on brand experience design—the sweet spot between brand, digital design and storytelling.


2023 KORIS ABOUT Koris is an all-in-one platform offering web3-enabled tools for DAOs, web3 companies and web2 businesses to progressively decentralise and manage business operations on-chain.
INDUSTRY Blockchain, Workplace tools, Future of work
ROLE Naming, brand strategy and brand identity

TEAM Project done as part of WE3

CREDITS Softbank’s Emoji 1997 Set

PROJECT Koris, derived from ‘chorus’, embodies the brand’s core ideas—we>me, web3 that works and the future of work. The logo uses parentheses in place of the ‘O’ underscoring Koris’s innovative thesis for the work(space). Typography was carefully curated such that they have differing personalities, but similar x-heights, making them cohesive and harmonious. For art direction, pixel icons of various office objects, symbols and gestures are interspersed in between text to accentuate the idea of the work(space).