SNEHA SANKAR is a brand designer and strategist with a focus on brand experience design—the sweet spot between brand, digital design and storytelling.


2023 SALSAABOUT Salsa is a web3 native messaging platform that allows people to discover and connect with other people and brands through POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols).
INDUSTRY Web3, Messaging, Social 
ROLE Brand identity and web design

TEAM Project done as part of WE3
Jan Henneberg (Web design + Framer development)
Jan Blunar (Digital product design)

PROJECT Salsa’s brand identity is inspired by our love for collecting ‘stickers’, especially those found on fruits worldwide. This visual metaphor is universal, yet distinct and memorable—perfect for Salsa’s vibrant spirit. Just as POAPs symbolise participation and experiences, our act of collecting and showcasing stickers on laptops, phones and personal objects, mirrors our innate desire to express our identity and interests.
FROM THE FOUNDER (HELENA GAGERN)We started working with WE3 right at the beginning of our startup journey. For what we wanted to bring into the world with Salsa (...) branding really mattered. We needed people who understand good design and branding, and who can put that into the context of Web3.
    We highly recommend other founders to work with WE3, especially during the early stages when you need to start building ASAP but are not ready to hire an in-house designer.